Posted: June 17, 2024

Propane Safety During Hurricane Season in Florida

Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

propane safety florida With another hurricane season upon us here in Florida, this is a topical time to share safety tips for severe weather events. Remember, the hurricane season here doesn’t officially end until November 30.

What to Do If a Storm Is on the Way

Do the following if severe weather is forecast.

After the Storm, Take These Steps

Other Reminders for Staying Safe with Propane

Why You Can’t Always Smell a Gas Leak

In its natural form, propane is odorless, but manufacturers are required to add a chemical compound to give it a strong unpleasant smell. Odorized propane is usually described as something like the odor of rotten eggs or a skunk’s spray.

However, there are situations that may prevent you or a family member from detecting that telltale odor. Sometimes, conditions in your home – or in your body – can make it harder to pick up propane’s scent.

Commonly known as “odor loss,” this can be caused by:

The good news is that there are two precautions you can take.

If you have questions or concerns about propane safety, be sure to consult with your licensed propane company.