Propane for Your Business

From farms to restaurants to schools, Florida businesses run on clean, efficient propane

Business owners, managers, farmers and government leaders in Florida appreciate how versatile, affordable and eco-friendly propane is. You can count on it to power commercial-grade water heaters, agricultural equipment, fleet vehicles and countless other commercial systems and appliances.

Florida’s locally based propane providers are happy to supply the fuel and equipment services that our state’s businesses need in order to succeed, grow and innovate.

business restaurants

Restaurants and hospitality businesses

More than 100 million people visit our state every year, attracted by our thriving cities, beautiful weather, eclectic cuisine and amazing nightlife. Our restaurants and hospitality businesses meet the needs of Florida residents and visitors with propane-powered commercial kitchens, heated pools and spas, hotel dryers and other propane products.

forklift propane

Forklift propane

When you run a manufacturing, distribution or retail operation that relies on efficient, dependable forklifts, you understand that propane forklifts provide superior lifting and moving power. They can work safely indoors and out. They’re durable and provide fantastic cost savings for Florida businesses.



Florida supplies fruit, sugarcane, flowers, fish, cattle and many other agricultural products to the nation and the world. Agricultural propane powers the equipment for the heating, crop drying, weed clearing, irrigation pumps, mowing, power generation and hot water necessary to keep farms and other operations running.

propane autogas


Propane is the third most popular transportation fuel in the United States. Florida fleets of all sizes are turning to propane autogas for fuel and maintenance savings. In the process, these vehicles considerably reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions of the transportation sector.

Care facilities and governments

Propane provides backup power, cooking fuel, hot water generation, linen drying and other vital functions for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other care centers and governments. We help keep Florida’s essential services online and our most vulnerable residents safe.

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