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Agriculture is a thriving commercial sector in Florida. According to the University of Florida, the Sunshine State’s agricultural sphere

  • produces 200-300 different commodities
  • supports more than $270 billion in sales revenue and more than 2 million jobs
  • occupies 15,156 square miles of land
  • ranks third overall in U.S. fruit and nut crop sales — and first in oranges!
  • ranks first in U.S. sugarcane production
  • ranks first in U.S. ornamental fish raising, second in alligator raising and third in horse and pony raising
  • has more than 1 million head of cattle

That’s just a snapshot of our state’s strong agricultural landscape. Florida supplies the fruits, vegetables, flowers, livestock and other commodities that the United States depends on. More and more farms, ranches, and other businesses are turning to propane as an energy source. Here are a few of the vital uses that Florida agriculture needs propane for.

Outbuilding heat

A growing number of farmers are using adaptable propane-fueled building heaters in their operations to keep livestock and eggs safe from temperature fluctuations. Growing operations depend on stable, robust heat, and propane space heating is unparalleled at warming up greenhouses and other structures.

Drying crops

From hay to corn to grain, farmers need to quickly and completely dry their crops for safe storage and transportation. Unreliable crop drying can mean mold, which prevents whole crop yields from getting to market. An efficient and high-performing propane crop dryer will allow you to harvest whenever you need to, even early, when the crop retains some moisture. The crop yield will more than make up for the cost of propane drying.

Weed clearing

Want to remove pernicious weeds from your crops without resorting to herbicides? A propane-powered flame weeder will use intense heat to rupture the weed’s plant cells, causing the weed to wither. These products can be used in various weather conditions and at different points in the growing process.

Irrigation engines

So many of the fruits, flowers and other crops in Florida require careful irrigation — propane powers effective irrigation pump engines to deliver water wherever you need it on your property. You can affordably irrigate acres of land, and today’s engines are already compliant with the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions regulations. They are already compliant with the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions regulations.

Commercial mowers

You can lower the fuel and maintenance costs associated with mowing and clearing brush by switching to energy-efficient propane mowers. You’ll sacrifice absolutely no performance from the mower, but you will lose carbon monoxide, particulate matter and other emissions!

Other uses for agriculture propane

Propane is an incredibly versatile fuel with a diverse range of uses. On the farm, this includes not only the uses mentioned above but also:

  • Forklift and towing fuel
  • Light and medium-duty vehicle fuel
  • Power generators for barns, stables and other outbuildings
  • Stock tank heating
  • Hot water generation for bathing animals and cleaning tools

Propane has a virtually infinite shelf life, so the fuel in your tanks will always be ready for use, even after several months. You can work closely with your propane provider to create a delivery schedule tailored to your operations. Farms generally consume more propane than homes; local propane companies may offer bulk fuel discounts to their agricultural clients.

There is a propane company near your agricultural operation. Use our dealer locator to find it today.

Propane Fuels Agricultural Businesses Across the State—and Beyond!

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