Propane Autogas


Propane powered vehicles are an excellent solution for business and government in Florida

Want to know what the third most common fuel in the United States today is? It’s the same propane that powers homes and businesses across Florida and the entire country. Worldwide, propane autogas is powering more than 17 million vehicles.

According to recent data, there are currently more than 2,500 autogas fueling stations across the United States. Converting your light- and medium-duty trucks, school buses, vans and shuttles to propane offers some substantial benefits.

How a propane vehicle works

Propane autogas vehicles have internal combustion engines, like gasoline and diesel vehicles. Propane is stored in a pressurized tank as a liquid. This tank is typically located at the rear of the vehicle. Depending on the type of system your car, truck or bus has, the propane will travel as a liquid or a vapor to the engine compartment. From there, it combusts and powers the engine.

The exhaust system channels combustion products from the engine out through a tailpipe, just as gasoline or diesel engines do.

Cost savings with autogas

Drivers can save 30% to 50% on fuel expenses by switching to propane autogas. More than 90% of the propane used in the United States comes from right within our borders.

Propane autogas vehicles also enjoy considerable maintenance benefits. Propane has a high octane rating and burns cleanly, which leads to less frequent service and a long engine life. Additionally, propane engines perform exceptionally in cold weather, with few start-up issues.

Converting a fleet to propane autogas

Fleet owners throughout Florida are discovering the incredible cost benefits of changing to propane autogas.

Propane autogas pumps are intuitive and safe. Working with a trusted propane supplier, you can set up an autogas tank and dispenser at your business and say goodbye to the days of lining up a service station. Your propane company can then arrange regular deliveries to keep you stocked with fleet fuel. And you’ll only need to pay one vendor instead of reconciling receipts every week!

For added flexibility, many fleet managers opt to go with an EPA-certified bi-fuel conversion kit on their existing vehicles, allowing them to continue using gasoline along with propane.

To get more information about converting a commercial or government fleet to autogas, reach out to your propane dealer.

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