Propane for Care Facilities and Governments

Care Facilities

Our fuel ensures the safety and comfort of Floridians in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more

We are proud to provide the fuel that ensures the well-being of students, older adults and hospital patients throughout Florida. Propane offers energy independence and versatile power for the many care centers, schools and government buildings in our state.

Here are some ways that propane for hospitals and other care facilities keeps our residents safe, comfortable and secure.

Backup power

We don’t need to tell you that the weather in our state can be unpredictable and often dangerous. A hurricane or tropical storm can knock out power for days, but our most vulnerable residents depend on facilities that need continuous power. That’s why propane standby generators serve such an essential role, ensuring continuous power for the following uses:
Care Facilities

Propane has a virtually unlimited shelf life, meaning it will always be ready when your standby generator goes on. And with a properly sized propane tank, you can be sure that you’ll have adequate backup power to ride out a blackout and keep your residents safe.

Laundry and sanitation in care facilities

Propane for health care facilities goes beyond backup power and includes one of the most essential needs of hospitals, senior-care centers, rehab centers, etc.: cleaning linens, instruments and dishes. It also extends to bathing patients and residents. These tasks all require a steady supply of hot water. When it comes to water heaters, propane’s robust heat generation means that propane-fired units have some of the best recovery rates available. Care facilities trust propane water heaters for laundry and general sanitation needs.
Care Facilities

Similarly, propane clothes dryers offer some of the quickest drying cycles for linens and uniforms. Additionally, they produce a slightly humid heat that leaves less static electricity and lessens wear and tear. It all adds up to better comfort for patients and cost savings for caregivers.

Food preparation for schools, nursing homes and more

Students need good meals to be able to learn. Patients must eat while they recuperate, and assisted-living facilities provide multiple meals a day to residents. These are just a few examples of the food preparation needs that propane equipment meets in kitchens and cafeterias.

Propane-powered cooktops, ovens, broilers, fryers, steam tables and warmers ensure that schools and care centers can provide hot, tasty food for Floridians young and old.

Government services

A lot goes into helping a community run, and govenrnments need to fuel much equipment to keep things moving. Florida’s propane dealers are happy to deliver propane and supply propane-fired equipment to support public works in the following ways:

If your government needs dependable and affordable fuel for your operations, reach out to your local propane provider. It will work closely with you to develop a propane delivery plan that meets your community’s needs.

To find a propane supplier for your school, hospital, nursing home, care facility or government, please use our helpful dealer locator.

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