Propane Forklifts


Propane cylinders for forklifts offer efficiency, low emissions and high productivity

Warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores and manufacturing facilities need reliable forklift fleets to keep operations on schedule and under budget. Propane has been a resoundingly popular forklift fuel for decades.

Forklift propane offers worker-friendly usage and convenient, safe operations both indoors and out. Your local Florida propane provider can help you set up your commercial facility or worksites with propane cylinder service and replenish your fuel for you.

Here are some of the benefits of propane for forklifts.

Dependable forklift power

Generally, propane forklifts boast some of the best lifting and moving power of any option on the market. They’re great at mounting inclines, no matter how little fuel is in the cylinder.

You can count on a 33-pound cylinder of propane powering one forklift for about eight hours. That means you can typically count on that one cylinder to supply enough fuel for a single shift. And propane forklifts have no “fade” as fuel runs down. That means your forklift will continue to run at its full speed and lifting capacity until the last drop of fuel. Replenishing the forklift’s propane is simple. Just remove the empty cylinder and attach a full one. You’re back in business!

Safe indoor and outdoor forklift operations

It’s crucial for many commercial operators to have forklifts that are able to work both indoors and outside (roughly 68% of forklift fleets). Well, propane forklifts certainly fit the bill.

You can run a propane forklift outdoors, even in rainy conditions, without worrying about damage to the equipment. Indoor operations are no problem, either. With low carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions, a well-maintained propane forklift fleet will meet or exceed nationwide indoor air quality standards. Your employees will be safe running these vehicles in enclosed spaces.

Cost savings with propane forklifts

Propane-powered forklifts require relatively low upfront infrastructure costs, saving you money from day one. Propane, as an overwhelmingly American-made fuel, tends to have an affordable and stable price. If you maintain your forklift fleet properly, it will operate continuously for many years. Additionally, propane cylinders are incredibly durable. As long as your employees handle them safely, you can expect them to last more than a decade.

Customized propane forklift services

No two businesses in Florida are the same, and the full-service propane companies that serve them understand that. When you work with a local, experienced propane provider, it can develop a tailor-made forklift fuel plan that meets your business’s exact needs.
Some of the services that these companies provide include:

With a trusted propane partner, you can stop worrying about your business’s forklift fueling needs. You’ll have one vendor to pay, and it can make sure that your facility always has ample propane cylinders. You can focus on scaling up and optimizing your commercial operations!

Use our propane dealer locator to find a partner to supply fuel for your forklift fleet.

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