Propane for Hospitality and Restaurants


Florida hotels, restaurants, resorts, golf courses and more depend on propane appliances and amenities

Did you know that the data-gathering online platform Statista found that Florida is the most visited state in the country? It shouldn’t be a surprise, in our opinion. With our amazing weather, delectable and eclectic cuisine, numerous professional sports teams, around-the-clock entertainment, and cultural attractions, Florida is an international destination.

The hospitality businesses that cater to Florida residents and visitors alike rely on propane for a wide range of uses.

Propane for commercial cooking

Florida currently boasts multiple Michelin-starred restaurants. Tourists come to the Sunshine State all year round to try our unique blend of cuisines, including French, Cuban, Italian, Southern, Mexican, Haitian and more. You can enjoy al fresco drinks, food truck delicacies, local fare and award-worthy tasting menus.

All these commercial kitchens rely on a range of propane-fired cooking equipment to guarantee the exemplary meals that Florida diners expect. These commercial products include ranges, fryers, ovens, cooktops, broilers, warming stations and more.

Propane cooking equipment consistently delivers exceptional performance, and it’s getting more efficient by the day. The Propane Education & Research Council found that Energy Star-rated propane appliances can appreciably lower energy usage over standard equipment:


Deep Fryers
Steam Cookers
Convection Ovens


60% s

In short, propane powers unbeatable commercial kitchen operations while keeping energy costs low.

Hotel and resort uses for propane

Beyond the kitchen, hospitality businesses — including Florida’s five-star hotels and resorts — rely on propane’s superior heat generation (a robust 91,452 Btu’s of heat energy per gallon!) to bolster productivity and guest comfort.

When you’re keeping showers warm for hundreds of hotel guests, you can’t beat the hot water generation of a commercial-grade high-capacity propane water heater.

Need to warm an indoor pool or a relaxing mineral bath at your spa? Trust an efficient, reliable propane pool and spa heater.
A bank of commercial propane clothes dryers will effectively dry all the towels, bedding, uniforms and other laundry that you need to clean. The slightly moist heat that propane generates also slows wear on these materials and dries them with fewer wrinkles. Your staff won’t have to spend as much time pressing them!

Outdoor heating and fire features for your hospitality business

Beyond the daily operations of your restaurant, hotel, club or other hospitality business, propane can power a range of attractive amenities that elevate your patrons’ experience. These include:

If you’re in an area that can experience power outages, your on-site propane tank can also provide dependable backup power. Propane standby generators can be sized to your exact electricity needs and ensure that your guests continue to enjoy your space through a blackout.

Find a commercial propane dealer near you!

With these propane-powered appliances, you can maximize the satisfaction of your patrons, members, employees and guests. And there is a propane company in your area that can work with you to develop a custom propane delivery plan.

Use our convenient propane dealer locator tool to find a company in your area.

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