Propane for Your Home

Unlock new levels of comfort and security with propane-powered systems, appliances and amenities!

How many ways can propane elevate your home comfort and quality of life? There are propane products that can enhance every part of your house, inside and out!

Propane is one of the most versatile fuels available. Let’s explore all the different systems and appliances that Florida homeowners use to simplify their lives, improve their properties and create wonderful experiences for their loved ones.

If any of these products would be a good fit for your Florida home, reach out to your propane dealer to discuss acquiring and installing them. And remember to check out what propane rebates are available in the Sunshine State.

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propane water heaters

Propane Water Heaters

When you trust propane to fuel your steamy showers and hot water appliances, you will enjoy some of the most energy-efficient systems available today. Propane traditional tank water heaters have excellent hot water recovery rates, and propane tankless water heaters are even more efficient, generating endless on-demand hot water.

outdoor fire pits

Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits

Turn your backyard, cabana or pool area into an inviting evening gathering space. With a propane-powered firepit or outdoor fireplace, you get a flickering, entrancing fire without the work. You can also illuminate your outdoor spaces with propane lighting.

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gas stoves and ranges

Gas Stoves and Ranges

Today’s propane ranges offer superior heat distribution and exact temperature control. They heat up instantly and cool quickly. Propane products unite unmatched performance with safe operations.

gas grills

Gas Grills and Outdoor Kitchens

Bring all of propane’s superior cooking performance into the open with a grill or an outdoor kitchen. You can choose your preferred level of open-air cooking, from freestanding grills powered by propane cylinders to luxurious full kitchen setups connected to your home propane tank.

pool heaters

Pool Heaters

Get the most from your aboveground pool, in-ground pool or spa. An efficient propane pool heater will ensure that your water is exactly the right temperature, day or night and any time of the year!

propane clothes dryer

Propane Clothes Dryers

One of the most popular propane home appliances is right in your laundry room. Propane clothes dryers have shorter cycles, and moisture sensors ensure the most efficient, cost-effective laundry drying operations. They also leave less static electricity and fewer wrinkles, cutting down on your ironing time in the process.

outdoor fire pits

Gas Fireplaces

Propane-fired fireplace inserts, gas logs and freestanding stoves turn your indoor spaces into cozy, elegant environments. These products offer incredible efficiency and stunningly realistic flames. Plus, you get all this comfort and ambience with the push of a button!

propane generator

Propane Standby Generators

Keep your lights, refrigerator, air conditioning, security system and vital medical equipment running when the grid is down. A propane standby generator will switch on automatically, even if you aren’t home. Propane is there when you need it, providing days of electricity.

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