Propane Generators

Keep your home’s electricity flowing through a blackout


Propane standby generators offer dependable backup power that you can tailor to your home and budget. These durable systems can connect directly to your home propane tank and provide power to your whole house or select devices and appliances.

How does a propane standby generator work?

With a standby generator, you don’t need to turn anything on or add any fuel to restore power to your home during a blackout. These are permanently installed appliances connected directly to your home’s propane tank. A standby generator connects to your home’s wiring and starts automatically within seconds of a power outage.

Standby generators have definite advantages over portable products. When there’s a power outage, it’s often because of inclement weather, including hurricanes and tropical storms.Standby generators switch over on their own and provide power directly to your home.

Not home when the power goes out? No worries! Because these systems switch over automatically, your fridge, freezer and security system will run without interruption while you’re away.

Propane standby generators are also fantastically adaptable. You can select a product that will power every outlet, light and appliance in your home. You can also choose which essential products and rooms will receive power.

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Why is propane good for backup power?

When you power your home’s generator from your on-site propane tank, you can enjoy days of continuous electricity, so you are set for an extended power outage. Propane has a virtually infinite shelf life. No matter how long your fuel has been sitting unused in the tank, your generator will be ready to go whenever you need it.

What size of standby generator do you need?

An established propane provider with experience installing and maintaining standby generators can assist you in choosing the best size for your needs.

As a starting point, you and your propane company should calculate your home’s voltage, amperage, and power needs by taking into account its size and the number of appliances you need to power. During your consultation with your propane services provider, you can discuss whether you want to power your whole house or only certain rooms and equipment. As a general rule, you should add 20% to your voltage and amperage calculation, which will account for any products or systems that the generator needs to recharge fully when it comes on.

Make an investment in energy independence and safeguard the well-being of your household. Use our dealer locator to find a propane dealer near you.

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