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Propane for Your Home
Do you want to enjoy some of the same luxurious amenities you see in top-tier restaurants, resorts and hotels? You can transform your Florida home with a slate of world-class propane appliances and amenities. They can elevate your comfort and enjoyment in just about every corner of your home.

And upgrading has never been easier or more affordable, thanks to propane rebates that can save you hundreds on purchase and installation costs!

Propane ranges offer a professional-quality culinary experience

More than 9 out of 10 professional chefs prefer to cook with gas*, and today’s propane stoves and ranges are the pinnacle of function and design. Home chefs appreciate the precise, instant temperature control that gives them the best possible control over sauce reductions, stir-fries, seared fish filets, flambéed desserts and more. The slightly moist heat a propane-powered oven generates ensures that your Thanksgiving turkey is always perfectly succulent.

From a safety perspective, propane ranges cool quickly after you turn off the flame, reducing burn risks.

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Propane dryers get laundry done faster

propane dryers
For pure laundry efficiency, it’s hard to beat a propane dryer. These products leverage propane’s superior heat generation to dry clothes faster. They’re further aided by technological advances like moisture sensors and precisely timed drying cycles.

The slight humidity that propane heat creates also reduces the wrinkles on clothes coming out of the dryer. So you’ll end up doing less ironing!

Propane fireplaces and gas logs create a cozy ambience instantly

Whether you’re enjoying a book and a cup of tea by yourself, a cozy movie night with your partner, or a fun-filled evening with friends, music and a bottle of wine, a fireplace improves the atmosphere immeasurably.

You can enjoy an instant roaring fire with only the push of a button when you have a propane fireplace insert, freestanding stove or gas log. There’s no stoking flames, moving logs or waiting for embers to die down. This is the apex of convenient comfort.

And propane hearth products are exceptionally efficient. According to the Propane Education & Research Council, they can have fireplace efficiency ratings of over 90%.

You can get propane fireplace products in direct-vent or vent-free models. Direct-vent gas fireplaces require an existing chimney or flue. They tend to have larger, more realistic flames. Vent-free products have smaller flames but are easier to install. That being said, vent-free fireplaces are subject to regulations about where they can be placed.

Claim rebates when you install premium propane home appliances

If you’re interested in adding propane appliances to your home, please go to our propane dealer locator to find a company that can facilitate sales and installation. Also, check out the generous rebates available to Sunshine State residents from the Propane Education Foundation of Florida.

Your propane provider can help you qualify for these and other financial incentives. Use our dealer locator to find a propane company near you.

*study by Fryett Consulting Group

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