Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits

Light up your Florida evening with a stunning propane fire feature!

outdoor fireplace firepits

Nothing can transform an evening with friends and family like a lovely fire. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine by your outdoor fireplace or some appetizers around a firepit, propane fire features illuminate the night and provide a gathering place to create treasured memories.

You can enjoy all the aesthetic appeal and comforting warmth of an al fresco blaze with total convenience. Starting up one of these propane products is as simple as pushing a button on a remote — or even using a smartphone application. When you’re finished for the night, there’s no waiting around for embers to die down or cleaning up ashes. Just turn off the flame and head to bed. These products can connect to a home propane tank or receive fuel from a portable propane cylinder.

Propane firepits create the ideal outdoor gathering spot

Propane-powered firepits come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. You can choose a smaller, portable firepit that you can situate wherever you like in your outdoor area or a larger model with reclaimed wood, metal or stonework finishes. All these options provide focal points for roasting marshmallows or toasting some happy occasion. There are also stone urns or bowl firepits that create a classical accent for your patio, outdoor kitchen or pool area.

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Combine function and design with a propane fire table

With a fire table, you can gather to enjoy tapas, barbecue, cocktails or some other refreshment and admire a dancing flame centerpiece. When you install one of these tables, your outdoor space will become your friends’ new favorite hangout spot.

Transform your backyard with a propane outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace
You can bring the stylish elegance of an indoor fireplace into the open air. Outdoor fireplaces come in a range of designs, from classic European-inspired hearths to sleek contemporary models. They form a natural relaxation spot where you can read a book by yourself or have an intimate conversation with a loved one — all under a canopy of stars.

Illuminate your home with propane lighting

Nothing beats the stunning torchlight of propane-powered outdoor lighting. There is propane lighting for virtually any outdoor décor. Classic brass or modern enamel finishes, post, pedestal or wall mounts — just choose the lighting option that’s right for your home.

Safety tips for outdoor propane firepits

Propane has a fantastic safety record. Even so, it’s important to follow certain precautions when installing and using a propane firepit or other outdoor fire feature:

  • Have your appliance installed by a licensed technician.
  • Only use an outdoor firepit as directed, and never in an enclosed space.
  • Never leave a lit firepit unattended.
  • Turn off your firepit and leave the area immediately if you smell gas in the area. Then contact emergency services and your local propane provider.
  • These are just a few safety considerations for your propane firepit, fire table, outdoor fireplace or propane-powered lighting. Be sure to check out our propane safety tips and speak to your propane dealer about its suggestions for selecting and maintaining your outdoor living appliance.

    Many Florida propane dealers sell, install, maintain and repair propane firepits and other outdoor living products. We can help you find a propane partner.

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