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Pool and Spa Heaters

Always have the perfect temperature water in your Florida pool

pool heater

Having a pool at your home is a fantastic amenity. It’s a wonderful diversion for children and a great exercise space for adults. How many treasured memories will you have of your family enjoying a refreshing afternoon together in your pool?

But if you’re only using the pool when outside temperatures allow you to, you aren’t getting full value of your investment. That’s why so many Sunshine State homeowners love having a propane-fired pool heater to keep their water perfectly warm all year round. The days of unexpectedly chattery teeth in the water are over!

How does a propane pool heater work?

A propane pool heater makes use of propane’s robust heat generation to warm up water from your pool pump, which cycles the water back into the pool. These products have the same heating efficiency as propane tankless water heaters and other top-of-the-line propane products, making use of the outstanding 91,452 Btu’s of heat energy that each gallon of this fuel provides.

Propane pool heaters are an ideal choice for in-ground pools, aboveground pools and spas.

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What are the benefits of a pool heater in Florida?

If you have friends or relatives with pools, you know how essential a pool heater is there, but a pool heater is also important in our part of the country. Having one all but guarantees that you can enjoy comfortable water every month of the year and every hour of the day.pool heater

Want to enjoy an evening swim in December? Not a problem.

Do you have younger children who need the water a little warmer while they learn to swim? What about older family members who get cold a bit more easily? You just need to set the desired temperature on the pool heater, and your pool will be as warm as you need it in no time.

Adding heating capabilities to your pool will also make your property more attractive if you sell your home.

Is propane a good fuel for heating pools?

Propane provides an excellent balance of affordability, efficiency, and reliability.

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