Propane Water Heaters

Heat up your showers and water taps the smart, efficient way!

Let’s be honest: we rely on water heaters about as much as any other piece of equipment in our homes. Every Florida family needs warm showers and hot water to clean clothes, dishes and just about anything else. It’s no wonder that the U.S. Department of Energy found that nearly 20% of energy costs in the average home go toward heating water.

With hot water comprising such a significant amount of your home budget and your home comfort, you don’t want to settle for an inefficient water heater — and you don’t want your current unit to break down on you unexpectedly.

Propane water heaters are more effective and efficient than ever before. Your friendly propane dealer can help you choose a water heater that lowers your energy — and you may even find that it extends your hot showers. Your propane company can also help you secure generous equipment rebates that will considerably reduce your upfront costs.

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Propane Tank Water Heaters

An affordable propane tank water heater remains one of the most popular hot water systems around. With propane’s superior heat generation, these traditional units have some of the highest hot water recovery rates available. You’ll enjoy robust hot water for less.

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Propane Tankless Water Heaters

For unbeatable energy efficiency and endless hot water on demand, make the switch to a propane tankless water heater. These compact units use a propane flame to heat water only when you need it. This eliminates the “standby losses” that come with traditional water heaters. It also ensures that your shower stays warm while the dishwasher is running!

Claim your rebate for premium propane products

Need help? Learn more about how to choose the right water heater. You can also explore your propane water heater options with a trustworthy propane provider near you.

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