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Propane water heaters are the apex of efficient, eco-friendly hot water generation

So much of your daily comfort depends on a well-operating water heater. From your morning shower to your children’s baths at night, washing a food stain out of your shirt after breakfast and running the dishwasher after dinner, hot water is a necessity. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly 20% of the average household’s energy usage involves heating water.

Florida’s locally operated propane companies are available to help you find the best, most efficient water heater that fits your home and budget.

Benefits of traditional water heaters

What do we mean when we say “traditional water heater”? This is the appliance you likely imagine when you think of a water heater. It has a large storage tank containing water that it heats with a burner for distribution throughout the house, as needed.

These traditional models remain incredibly popular in Florida homes, and the cost is a significant reason for that. Tankless water heaters, while considerably more efficient than storage tank units, can cost twice as much to buy and install.

Nevertheless, storage tank water heaters have a proven track record, and propane products are among the best options on the market from the standpoint of hot water generation and fuel efficiency. Today’s tank water heaters are well made, with electronic ignition and highly insulated tanks.

(If you’re interested in learning more about tankless alternatives, check out our propane tankless water heater page.)

Claim your rebate for premium propane products

tank water heaters

Why propane is a great choice for heating water

Propane can generate a lot of heat. The U.S. Energy Information Administration states that one gallon of propane can produce 91,452 Btu’s of heat energy. What does this mean for your tank water heater? Superior heating efficiency.

Because of propane’s excellent heat generation, traditional storage tank water heaters, when new and properly sized for the home, have some of the highest recovery rates (the amount of water the unit can heat in a certain period of time) and first-hour ratings (how much hot water the unit can deliver) on the market.

From a perspective of daily comfort and energy usage, this is excellent. You’ll be less likely to have your showers run cold or your hot water taps take ages to warm up. You’ll also be able to keep your energy costs low with these highly efficient products.

When to get a new water heater

It’s always better to start looking for a new water heater well before your old one has failed. If you wait until your current unit breaks down, your house will be without hot water while you secure and install new equipment. You’ll have to make a quick decision on something that is a major investment in your home and your family’s comfort, and your choice will likely be limited to what is available at the moment.

A propane tank water heater can last 13 years or more with proper maintenance, but if your unit is more than a decade old, it’s best to start thinking about a replacement. Over time, your water heater’s storage tank becomes corroded from the inside. Some early warning signs of this corrosion:

These are indicators that you should arrange for a new water heater. Your local propane company can help you in the process of choosing a water heater and even assist you in qualifying for generous propane rebates that can save you hundreds of dollars on installation.

You can use our propane dealer locator to find a home comfort partner near you.

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