Why Choose Propane?

Florida homes and businesses enjoy efficiency, versatility and delivery options that meet their propane needs

When you choose propane gas for your Florida home appliances or business operations, you enjoy a range of benefits. Propane is great for the planet, your lifestyle and your bottom line. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing advantages that Sunshine State households and businesses enjoy when they add propane equipment.

Clean, green and efficient

Today’s high-efficiency propane equipment can drastically reduce your energy consumption. Propane water heaters have high hot water recovery rates, and tankless systems offer endless hot water on demand. Propane dryers have short cycles, and propane ranges offer near-instant heat when you turn them on.

Commercially, you can enjoy cost benefits from propane autogas, farm equipment, forklifts and other commercial products.

delivery service

Responsible propane delivery service

Florida’s propane dealers are committed to offering customized propane delivery options that meet your needs. Check with your propane supplier to see if they offer automatic delivery, tank monitoring, monthly budget plans, prebuy programs, electronic billing and autopay.

If you’re interested in exploring your propane water heater options, use our dealer locator tool to find a propane provider near you.
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